A Healthy Sleep Solution

Designed in Europe

Luxurious Feel

The high quality materials brings pleasure to your skin senses bringing you closer to a splendid sleep.

Pristine Quality

Combination of high standard materials that are organic, anti-bacterial and elastic to conform to body shapes and to keep its structure longer.

State of the Art

Creative and well-engineered designs to integrate humans to their sleeping environment.

Our Story

Found in 2004, DeRUCCI is dedicated to provide healthy scientific sleeping environment with complete ergonomic bedding system including beds, slats, mattress, power beds, pillows and bedding textile. An entire system is tailor-made to provide perfect combination of support, comfort, body care, and taste, giving the user a completely new sleeping comfort like never before.

The ownership & management is dedicated to global integration of the latest sleep technology and world-class design. DeRUCCI has gradually cooperated with the world prestigious corporations such as Italy’s Technogel, Salvadori, Belgium’s Rako, Artilat N.V, Germany’s Otten, Muller textile, Switzerland’s DOC etc. Built design center in Italy Milano, cooperated with famous designer from Italy, England and France. Study with University of Louvain, created the most advanced active auto-fit bed DeRUCCI T7.

Through international cooperation, applying the world advanced bedding manufacturing materials and technology to every product leaving its vast manufacturing network. DeRUCCI boasts of 5 million square feet of world class production with facilities in China, Australia, Malaysia and North America, offers 9 collections of mixed products-including a youth collection. Having such a wide range of products allows us to meet the varied design demands of a global market.

DeRUCCI currently operates more than 3600 retail showrooms in USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hongkong, India, Singapore and China mainland. With revenue of $700 million annually, DeRUCCI has become a dominant global player in the high-end bedding & bedroom furniture industry.

Designer's Profile

Maurice Barilone

Born in July 1947 in Paris
Settled in Landes in early 1970s, and began to design for Roche Bobois
In the early 1980s, designed for Reflex and Roche Bobois
In 1991, Founded BARIL ONE BACASTONE CORP with the son of the Philippines President
Subsequently, designed for an Italian company named CEBU FIL VENEER in Philippines and set up a subsidiary named ATALIER
Came to China in 2006
Started working for DeRUCCI since 2007

Designer Profile

James Boganik Nielsen

A Danish Designer with over 15 products on the global furniture markets 1968, born in Denmark
2000, taken up by VIA in France and trained in design
2001, worked at the Da Vinci University, the Dolphin Chair made and over 120,000 pieces were sold
2007, the Eilerson Chair was made and became popular in the market
2008, moved to China and became a partner of a Chinese furniture company
2009, the Parker Chair was made and over 40,000 pieces were sold, the Talos Chair was made and over 60,000 pieces were sold
2012, worked for DeRUCCI

Designer's Profile

Jeremie Barilone

2004 – creation of his furniture company in France Jeremie Barilone Design, exhibitions in Monaco , Cannes, Nice and Paris
2006 – moved to Vietnam (Hanoi), worked as Designer for Lazette to develop Bedroom collections for Sheraton Hotel
2008 – creation of is design office in (Ho-chi-minh city) Vietnam Phap-Viet Design development of furniture collections for the local Hotels and Restaurants
2011 – moved to China, working as Designer for DeRUCCI Bedding.

Designer Profile

Matthew Arquette

Designing for over fifteen years internationally for world class retailers and manufacturers alike, Matthew Arquette pursues his goals of creatively sharing his enthusiasm, freshness, passion and enjoyment for design. Always thinking beyond the conventional but never exceeding the reality of function the context of each style created always maintain personality and uniqueness.

Luxury Supremes Ventures, Inc.

Officially started it’s operations in 2018, Luxury Supreme Ventures Inc., envisions to bring to every Filipino home all possible luxury household comfort enjoyed globally. Our commitment is to inspire homes with available world class products, sourced from our company’s worldwide footprint with partners in major citites and countries. Having a broader reach for luxurious contemporary products and a diverse, dynamic entrepreneurial team dedicated to deliver premium products.


To be the leading luxury furniture distributor in the country with a wide array of selection for the modern Filipino homes.


To provide convenience and value to consumers with imported brands that are known for its global excellence and quality.


Customer satisfaction beyond style and comfort.

Our brands that provides luxurious comfort for Filipino homes.


German furniture created based on the promise of beauty, functionality and dependability.

Being one of Germany’s top luxurious brands, Domicil is known for it’s outstanding craftmanship in home furnishings – the classics, contemporary and an incorporation of both. Domicil products are handcrafted by master craftsmen with a strong tradition to guarantee exclusive high quality products.


Continuing the European tradition of luxurious goose down pillow.

A rich history of over 100 years here in Australia. The Downia Group of Companies, has its heritage dating back to 1911, when the first feather and down processing plant was established at Glebe Sydney, Australia, and in 1937 the operating company.


Offering a unique measurement method to determine the most suitable pillow for your individual shape.

Offers a unique new take on personal sleep comfort. Pillowise pillows are well designed using the best materials and manufactured with great care in our factory in the Netherlands.