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Key Features

  1. MZZ4-137 sports mattress launched by the Australian Open, the appearance of the black grid line dynamic design, with the tennis color fluorescent green embroidery, instantly let the value of this sports mattress sublimation, forced full, if Health and exercise are good friends, so sleep and exercise are a natural match.
  2. Using high-rebound natural natural latex raw materials, fit the body curve of the human body sleep, so that the human spine maintains a normal physiological curve, the latex layer can quickly absorb the body pressure, giving Your soft feeling of wrapping, the pressure accumulated in a day disappears in this minute.
  3. Inject the cutting edge technology gel factor into the slow rebound release pressure memory cotton, which has good impact energy absorption ability, can absorb your pressure instantly, give the body a balanced support, let you sleep, as if lying on the water and the clouds, The blood flow is smooth, bringing a good performance of refreshing comfort, high fit, and zero-pressure slow rebound.
  4. Bag-independent tube spring, non-woven bag, reduce friction between springs, independent expansion and contraction, dynamic anti-jamming technology, fit your body curve, do not interfere with each other, one side is pressed, the other side is not disturbed, because independent tube spring The anti-jamming effect, turning over, and moving will not affect the other half of the sleeping.
  5. Using micro-porous ventilation fabric, fast ventilation and ventilation, always keep the mattress dry, three-dimensional circulation inside and outside the airflow, the mattress can also breathe at the same frequency as your skin, and Net zipper, one pull to the end, compared to ordinary mattresses, mattresses with detachable jackets are more convenient to clean and care.